Powers of 10 Lookbook

The YOUTH made the generation & the youth will keep it

Born of youth rebellion and subculture sentiments, HLZBLZ began it’s 10 year anniversary late last year and continued the celebration through the rest of 2016 with a set of collaboratives and projects that have been curated to reflect the brand’s roots in street culture and attitude that have set it apart since day one.

Fueled by youthful energy for over a decade now, HLZBLZ has become notorious for cultivating new and exciting talent. In fact, in honor of the past decade the brand has collaborated on exclusive pieces with closely associated artists/brands such as Rare Panther, Trashers, Sin Amor, Rionism, Vans, 40s & Shorties and ChocoMoo who have all played a role in helping to shape the brand visually and creatively.

So it comes as no surprise the teams that have come to call the brand home, both new and old, have proven themselves to be more than capable of carrying the HLZ mantle and this retrospective features the people from the HLZBLZ movement from the beginning up until now; a show of raw talent that spans a generation because the youth made the generation and the youth will keep it.